When Easter and Ramadan meet: Intercultural youth gathering in JRS

30 May 2024

In anticipation of Easter, a special youth meeting was held at the “SOL” Integration Center of the Jesuit Refugee Service, which this time had a dual significance. The gathering took place in the spirit of intercultural exchange and communion, connecting two important religious periods: the Christian Easter Lent and the Islamic month of Ramadan, which this year largely overlapped.

At the meeting, held on March 30th, about twenty teenagers from different cultures and faiths spent the day engaged in activities through which they learned about the cultural and religious customs of the traditions they come from.

With the help of JRS volunteers, the young people engaged in traditional Croatian Easter activities—cooking, coloring, and decorating eggs, using various methods. Particularly interesting was the custom of “egg tapping,” where participants competed to see whose eggs would remain unbroken, bringing fun and laughter among those present.

The evening concluded with a communal iftar, the traditional meal with which people of the Islamic faith end their daily fast during Ramadan. This was a moment when the youth could familiarize themselves with the customs that accompany breaking the fast, exchanging stories and experiences while enjoying a meal together after sunset.

The atmosphere during the meeting was filled with openness and creativity, and the youth had the opportunity not only to share their customs and traditions but also to foster understanding and friendship. Such activities are key to promoting intercultural dialogue and connection, showing how differences can be an opportunity for learning and togetherness, instead of a reason for division.

The Jesuit Refugee Service continues to gather youth within its mission of integration and support for people of diverse origins, encouraging them to mutual understanding and sharing their rich cultural heritage.

News translated from Vatican news Hrvatska: https://www.vaticannews.va/hr/crkva/news/2024-04/jrs-isusovacka-sluzba-izbjeglice-medjukulturno-druzenje-mladih.html

Published: April 10, 2024, 13:39