We marked the World Refugee Day in Rijeka

16 April 2024

A press conference was held at the Rijeka Railway Station where the archbishop of Rijeka, Msgr. Mate Uzinić, our regional director Fr. Stanko Perica and the chief Imam of Rijeka, Hidajet ef. Hasanović spoke. The press conference was opened by the archbishop of Rijeka, Msgr. Mate Uzinić. He spoke about the need for solidarity with migrants and refugees, and about the daily commitment of the Archdiocese of Rijeka, Caritas and JRS at the Transit Point. He argued for systematic solutions that would contribute to fewer tragedies, such as last week’s wreck of an old fishing boat overcrowded with migrants off the Greek coast. In this sense, he advocated for the implementation of humanitarian corridors such as exist in other countries and which, among other things, represent a response to Pope Francis’ encouragement to show hospitality towards migrants.

Then our regional director Fr. Stanko Perica gave a speech. He thanked the employees for the existence and maintenance of the Transit Point. He referred to the migrant situation in the region and described the efforts of JRS to help migrants and Ukrainian refugees. He also advocated for a more systematic approach by those responsible and offered solutions that would enable humanitarian organizations like ours and local communities to make a greater contribution to solving this problem.

The conference was closed by the chief Imam of Rijeka Islamic Community Majlis, Mr. Hidajet Hasanović. He thanked the Transit Point organizers for enabling his community to contribute. Although it is to be expected that there will be more and more migrants in the future, he said that this should not discourage us from doing good. He announced that on the occasion of the upcoming Kurban Bayram, the Islamic Community will once again treat migrants to lunch at the Point. Also, this event was magnified by the Ukrainian choir Chervona kalina. In addition to traditional Ukrainian folk songs, they also sang the song Ružo moja crvena.