Intercultural Workshop in Celebration of International Women’s Day

16 April 2024

On Friday, March 8th, in celebration of International Women’s Day, a special workshop was held at the SOL integration center of the Jesuit Refugee Service, titled “Intercultural Workshop of Empowerment, Intercultural Dialogue, and Positive Transformation”.

This unique event brought together more than 30 women of various ages and cultural backgrounds, led by employees and volunteers of JRS, aiming to encourage open dialogue among women. Following a warm welcome from the leaders and volunteers, a comfortable atmosphere was created for further mutual acquaintance and experience sharing. Through the method of group work, each woman had the opportunity to introduce herself and share her story, thus creating a strong network of support and understanding.

The assembly at the workshop was exceptionally diverse, with participants originating from Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, Iran, India, Croatia, and other countries. Despite differences in language and culture, all present were united by a common positive energy and openness towards dialogue. On this occasion, collaborators from UNHCR Croatia, including representative Ana Rich, also joined the workshop.

One of the most memorable moments of the workshop was the reflection circle on read quotes and wise words from strong women from various fields – art, science, sports, spirituality, and human rights. These quotes and messages inspired deep reflection and sharing of personal thoughts in a safe and supportive environment.

Particularly touching moments were shared through words from the Bible Wise Sayings, highlighting the strength and dignity every woman carries within herself, and the importance of hope and inner strength to face the future without anxiety and fear.

The end of the workshop was marked by an atmosphere filled with laughter and expressions of desire for every day to be Women’s Day, encouraging mutual support, faith in one’s own strengths and abilities, and walking with hope in the heart. This event not only celebrated International Women’s Day but also laid the foundations for lasting friendship, support, and intercultural understanding among all participants.

This news has been sourced and translated from Vatican News Croatia:

Published: March 13th 2024, 15:20