April in the JRS

16 April 2024

April in the JRS marked various interesting events. As part of the SHAPE – ‘’Sharing Actions for the Participation and empowerment of migrant community and Local Authorities’’, where the Jesuit Refugees Service is the implementing partner, our project coordinator Dajana Toumeh Ravlija, our volunteers Odai Ajam i Hana Aljbein, representative of the Public Open University Zagreb and representative of the city of Zagreb, Jurica Gregurić participated in a study visit in Portugal. The visit began with the arrival in JRS Portugal, the branch which provides psychosocial support to persons in detention. The next day was reserved for a visit to Lousada, a local self-government, a partner in this European project. The city’s representatives focused on co-operation with employers in the economic empowerment of migrants, and then one of the employers talked about direct work with migrants. The last day visit was reserved for ‘’World House’’, a space where representatives of different organizations regularly meet dealing with the theme of migrations in Portugal. One of our volunteers said it was interesting to meet the system of other countries working with migrants and that he was pleased with the opportunity to meet migrants living in other European countries and to hear their experiences. 

In the same week, organized by the international office of the Jesuit Refugee Service, a meeting of new office managers from all over the world took place in Rome, attended by Ana Marčinko, representative of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Croatia. Through a series of workshops on different topics, knowledge about the mission, vision and work of the Jesuit Refugee Service itself was deepened. 

We successfully conducted an initial Croatian language course for forcibly displaced persons from Ukraine. The course was implemented with the aim of successful integration into the labor market and for better communication with the resident population. After nine months and 105 hours of classes with Professor Ivo Alebić, nine participants received a certificate of participation and successful completion of the course.  

Through interreligious dialogue, we get to know each other and strengthen our community; thus, with our joint efforts, together with the Center for the Culture of Dialogue, we have provided youth with a lovely, educational gathering. Our volunteers gave a lecture and introduced all those present to Syrian customs, then a CKD employee took them through the mosque, where they had the opportunity to experience the customs of Ramadan Bajram. 

In order to give our users the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of our land and surroundings, we ended April in the best possible way, by going on a trip. JRS is known for its unforgettable trips for all users, so we can proudly add another one to our own list of memories. We visited the Roswell Cowboy Village in Fužine, created for the purposes of filming the new trilogy about the Indian chief from the Apache tribe Winnetou, where our users had the opportunity to have fun and experience a touch of the Wild West. We continued our visit to the oldest reservoir lake in the Fužine region, Lake Bajer, which is ideal for walking and relaxing, and ended our trip in the town of Krk. The most recognizable motive of the city of Krk, the Krk Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary left us breathless, as did the rest of the old town core. Under the impression of Krk’s natural beauty and smell of the sea, we returned home satisfied, fulfilled and enriched for yet another memorable experience.